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Vodka may not seem like it has a long list of health benefits, but it absolutely does. In fact, vodka may have even been created as a medicine in the first place.

Whatever the origins of vodka may be, in the modern world, vodka is used for so much more than just drinking and mixing. Keep reading to learn about the health benefits and unexpected uses of vodka in everyday life.
Vodka is a natural disinfectant.
The exact origins of vodka are somewhat hard to pinpoint, however, we do know that the written word ‘vodka’ first appeared in 1405 in reference to a medicine. At the time, vodka contained much less alcohol than modern vodka does — a mere 14% compared to today’s 40% — and is therefore more beneficial to our health now than ever before.
Since vodka is so simple, it can be used for many different things besides cocktail making. One of the best medicinal vodka uses is for cleaning wounds. The alcohol in the vodka works as a disinfectant, so pouring a little on cuts is an easy way to avoid further complications — it may burn a bit though.
Another great use for vodka is relieving toothaches. Swish a little around in your mouth to dampen the pain. It won’t cure cavities though, so, unfortunately, vodka is not an alternative to the dentist.
Vodka relaxes tension.
Just like with most alcoholic drinks, vodka is an easy cure to anxiety, shyness, and fear. Since vodka’s alcohol content is so high, all you need is a few sips and you’ll feel more relaxed in seconds. While vodka isn’t a permanent cure for these problems, it can certainly help. This is perfect for big presentations, first dates, and whatever else it is that might be eating you up inside. Of course, remember the word ‘moderation’.
Vodka increases blood flow and circulation.
On wintery days, right after coming in from the cold, a quick swig of vodka is one of the best ways to warm up fast. This is because the alcohol in it brings more blood to the skin’s surface, and increases your heart rate.
Besides warming you up, vodka can help those with blood circulation problems. A few swigs of vodka will promote better circulation throughout your whole body, as well as lower blood pressure.

How Does Vodka Affect Your Health?

Vodka is low in calories.
Vodka is the lowest-calorie alcoholic drink there is. That’s what makes it perfect for health-conscious and weight-conscious people. While beer contains high amounts of carbs, calories, and sugars, vodka’s simplicity allows it to have a low calorie content, zero carbs, and zero sugars.
Vodka improves skin quality.
If you’re someone with bad skin, vodka might be your cure-all. A simple face mask made with one part vodka and two parts water helps to tighten skin and clean pores. The only downside to this is that vodka can be drying when applied to skin, so if you have naturally dry skin, this might not be the best for you.
Vodka gets rid of dandruff.
Adding a shot or two of vodka to your shampoo bottle will help clear up dandruff and reduce scalp itchiness. Gone are the days of having to buy expensive dandruff controlling shampoos. Turns out, a well-stocked home bar is all you need.
Vodka gets rid of bad breath.
Just one shot of vodka is enough to rid your mouth of those foul-smelling bacteria and give you fresh breath. If you ever find yourself stuck in a social situation, but know that you’re a bearer of bad breath, go somewhere where you can order yourself a quick serving of vodka. Problem solved! Or, if you’re someone who often spends all-nighters at the office, or who unexpectedly finds themself without a toothbrush, vodka is a basic, more enjoyable alternative to mouthwash.
Those are only seven of dozens of health benefits that vodka offers us. This list just goes to show how multifaceted a simple bottle of vodka really is. Now when you go to the liquor store, you’ll know that you’re surrounded by bottles full of potential.
Whether you’re looking for a buzz or a quick-fix for frustrating skin, vodka might be just what the doctor ordered.