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How Vodka is Made?
Vodka is one of the most simple alcohols out there, but that doesn’t mean anyone can whip up a batch of it pronto. It may be simple, but, when made wrong, vodka can be dangerous. In worst cases, a poorly made vodka can lead to death.
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Cheap vs Expensive Vodka - What's the Difference?
For something that the government describes as a “colorless, flavorless, odorless” beverage, vodka has a very interesting spectrum. Everything from what type of raw materials it’s sourced from, to what aromatic compounds the distillery uses will add to the final flavor of the vodka.
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How Does Vodka Affect Your Health?
Vodka may not seem like it has a long list of health benefits, but it absolutely does. In fact, vodka may have even been created as a medicine in the first place.
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Despite the fact that here in the US, Vodka is described as a “colorless, flavorless, odorless” beverage, it is much more diverse than it gets credit for. In recent years, with more and more cheap vodka matching that three word description filling the liquor store shelves, good vodka is harder to come by and more of a treasure to own.
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The Difference Between Potato vs Grain Vodka
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